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BEIZHU Radiator Co.,Ltd is one of the biggest Bases of making cast iron radiators in China. We have More than 30 agents in different provinces. And in Order to service our customer better, we are looking For agents

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Beizhu Radiators Co., Ltd , founded in 1988, insist on that technology prospers enterprise on the base of Vladivostok Alma-Ata BEIJING SHAANXI SHANXI LIAONING JILIN NEIMENGGU new technology and products of cast iron radiators, development of self-owned intellectual property rights and gained several national patents. In 2008, Beizhu radiators successf/templets/defaultatic sand core production equipment, promoting the 3rd generation (imitator of steel and aluminium alloy with side air flow) High Malleable Iron Radiators Without Sands Inside , filling the void of domestic high class cast iron radiator prducts, having totalmaterial:br making inne Polishing i casting pro polishing s pressure te making hole drying semi

Beizhu Agent

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