• Rococo classic-661 cast iron radiators
  • Prince Antique cast iron radiator-560-1
  • Chelsea Antique-680 Retro Cast Iron Radiator
  • Verona-800 Retro Cast Iron Radiator
  • Freestanding retro cast iron radiators Daisy stxyle
  • BEIZHU Doric-739 retro cast iron radiators
  • Aluminum radiators -FF-500A
  • Aluminum radiators - FF-Q500
  • Aluminum radiators  FB-BQ500
  • Aluminum radiators - CO-BQ500


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Beizhu Central heating radiator-e Our customer is very satisfied with Beizhu central heating radiator.

Beizhu Radiators Co., Ltd , founded in 1988, insist on that technology prospers enterprise on the base of credit. Depending on the resource supremacy of coal, coke and iron in Shanxi province, Beizhu Radiator has been making technology innovations, now Beizhu Radiators dedicated itself to the research of new technology and products of cast iron radiators, development of self-owned intellectual property rights and gained several national patents. In 2008, Beizhu radiators successfully developed large scale automatic sand core production equipment, promoting the 3rd generation (imitator of steel and aluminium alloy with side air flow) High Malleable Iron Radiators Without Sands Inside , filling the void of domestic high class cast iron radiator prducts, having totally changed the image of traditional radiators in ...