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Best Quality Cast iron radiators for UK

时间:2017-11-18 15:47来源:未知 作者:Ruth
Best Quality Cast iron radiators for UK 
Welcome to BEIZHU RADIATOR CO Ltd. Our factory making traditional cast iron radiators
and new modern cast iron radiators with high quality at affordable prices.

With over 28 years of experience in manufacturing and selling cast iron products we have
many big customers from different countries.40% of our radiators are exported to UK,
Russia,Ukraine,Kazakhstan and Algeria.
All the Beizhu skilled workers take great care in finishing and checking all our products
before shipping them to customers.Radiator brand Beizhu with 48 months guarantee,and
with 50 years’ service life. Each of our Products can be finished to your requirements and
Dispatched within 15 working days on confirmation of order.
Outstanding features of Beizhu Cheap Cast iron radiators for UK:
1.Spray painting with epoxy resin, smooth and easy to clean.
2.Colourful and it can be made at customers' request.
3.Adapts to all kinds of water quality with the better properties than various steel and
aluminium radiator.
4.Corrosion resistant with over 50 years of using life.
5.Changeable shapes, can be processed freely to fit for the structure of the room.
6.Bearing capacity up to 1.0Mpa , fit for the high-rises.
7.Reasonable price.
Free sample ! 150*150*16/18,freight collect.
Best regards
Ruth Wong
Beizhu Group
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