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The location of the cast iron radiators

时间:2017-10-21 18:14来源:未知 作者:Ruth
The location of the cast iron radiators
This really is up to you, however, traditionally, radiators were in 
the coldest part of the property. 
This would normally be on an outside wall or under a window; 
however it is perfectly acceptable
to position your radiator to suit your rooms’ layout taking into 
account windows, doors etc. For 
larger rooms, it may be more beneficial to have more than one 
radiator to give an even heat 
spread for the whole area. 
What valves should I use for my radiator?
You can use either a Thermostatic or Manual valve set. On larger 
radiators, or rooms where the 
radiators have been oversized we would normally recommend the 
fitting of a TRV (Thermostatic 
valve) although this is not essential. Our radiators are designed to 
accept both valves at the 
bottom for pressurised systems or if required for gravity fed 
systems, with the inlet valve fitted 
to the top right hand side & outlet (lock shield) to the opposite 
bottom left hand side.  
What is the difference between a TRV (Thermostatic Radiator 
Valve) and a Manual one?
A TRV controls the room temperature, by sensing the air 
temperature and automatically opening 
and closing the flow to the radiator. A manual valve can only 
control the temperature of the 
radiator regardless of the room temperature & is usually 
controlled via a room or general thermo-