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Seven questions about cast Iron Radiators

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Seven questions about cast Iron Radiators
1.Should cast iron radiators be replaced with a modern heating system such as forced air or baseboard?
No! Cast iron radiators providing steam or hot water heat are the most efficient, quietest and most comfortable of all heating systems. Converting to a more “modern” method is costly, results in less comfort, and increases heating costs.
The worst choice is baseboard heating because convection is up to 30% less effective than radiator heating, requiring higher water temperatures plus more BTUs and fuel to deliver the same amount of heat. Baseboard systems often require replacement because of overloading. (If you have cast iron radiators, count your blessings!)
2.Why aren’t cast iron radiators used in new homes?
The reason is cost. Manufacturing and installing a cast iron radiator today would cost thousands of dollars more than the less efficient systems installed by today’s home builders.
3.Does a cast iron radiator system have to be removed for central air conditioning?
No. Today’s central air systems allow you to keep the efficient heating of your cast iron radiator while enjoying lower installation costs for air conditioning.
4.Does a decorative radiator cover “choke off” heat, or cause heat to be wasted?
No. A decorative radiator enclosure will deliver more useful heat energy and reduce radiator heat loss. All of the heat from your radiator remains in the room, and due to the radiator grill design, the heat is projected into the comfort zone, where it’s needed.
5.Does a decorative radiator grill take up a lot of space?
Radiator enclosures from Beautiful Radiators .com take up about 1” on all sides.
6.Why shouldn’t a decorative radiator grill be made from wood?
Because wood is an insulator and contributes to radiator heat loss. It also dries out, curls, splits and warps over time when exposed to constant heat. Wooden frames and supports also take up far more space than radiator enclosures from Beautiful Radiators .com
I noticed that the decorative radiator grill enclosures have a solid top panel.  Why shouldn’t the top be louvered or open?
Because heat would then flow directly up the wall to the ceiling, rather than into the room.
This will absolutely cause radiator heat loss!
7.Does a decorative radiator grill get dirty?
No more than other furniture. And, our radiator enclosures are protected by a durable long-wearing, powder coated finish so they can easily be dusted or cleaned with mild detergent and water.
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