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How do Cast Iron Radiators work?

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 How do Cast Iron Radiators work?
Cast Iron Radiators are an excellent heating solution, look absolutely beautiful and are eco-friendly (they should last for 100 years). Here you will find everything you need to bring stylish cast iron radiators into your home or office.
All our cast iron radiators can be custom built or specified by section. We also have a range of standard sized reproduction cast iron radiators. Choose from a full range of styles and shapes from our straightforward and popular 4 column cast iron radiators to decorative cast iron radiators such as the Parisian.
Buy with confidence: All our cast iron radiators are pressure tested and are guaranteed up to 25 years. We manufacture many of the cast iron radiators ourselves at our North Yorkshire Factory - which has produced cast iron radiators for thousands of satisfied customers in the UK and around the World.
How do they work? Cast Iron Radiators operate differently in steam and hydronic radiator systems. In a one pipe system, the steam enters the Cast Iron Radiator and the air is then pushed out through an air vent valve on the other side. Once the air has escaped, however, the steam hits the air valve and closes it, thereby allowing the radiator to pressurize. On the other hand, once the radiator starts to cool down, the steam then condenses back into water, enabling the air valve to reopen and allows the water to travel back down to the boiler. In a hot water system, however, the radiator is permanently filled with water. As the system then heats up, the heated water is then circulated throughout the radiator and heats it up. Why use cast iron? The properties of Cast Iron also assist in the operation of the radiators as not only does the alloy (like virtually all metals) conduct heat exceptionally well but it also is notoriously difficult to corrode and can withstand a large amount of heat. It is for this reason that before being used in the production of radiators, Cast Iron was famously used in the production of cylinders for steam engines, particularly by James Wilkinson to be used in the renowned steam locomotives of James Watt. The heat capacity of Cast Iron is also particularly useful in the production of radiators because it is this factor which allows the radiator to keep emitting heat after being switched off because the metal takes a longer time to cool down than in other forms of heater, such as convector radiators, which despite being less economical are still popularly used.

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