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The cores of Beizhu 3rd Generation Cast Iron Radiators are made by Automatic 
Core Shooters. The Automatic Core Shooter mix the phenol-formaldehyde resin 
and 70-140  mesh  number  drying  white  sands  evenly,  then the high tension 
shooting mouth of  Automatic Core Shooter shoot the mixture to the core model
at the speed of 20 metres/s.  Then  it  will  be shaped by stereo heating, and the 
shaped core with smooth both inside face and outside face can stand the tension 
of 25kg/cm3 . There is no residual iron on the core,  realizing  real core without 

Imitator of Steel and Aluminium Alloy/Pillar-Wing Type Radiators Fashionable as
steel, delicate as Aluminium, radiators of imitator of steel and aluminium alloy is
good-looking and has smooth surface. It is elegant, with  novel  structure, round
angels design,fluent line. It is decorative and is the best heating radiator choice in
your modern life.Imitator of Steel and Aluminium Alloy/Pillar-WingType Radiator
(300 type/500 type/600 type)Performance Standards: GB

With Side Air Flow/Pillar-Wing Type Radiators
With Simple shape ,decorative characteristic, and side air flow design,the radiator
is made according to the most advanced air flow principal.Heat diffuse completely
in the way of air flow and  reflection. This efficient  heating  product can give you
the warmest and most comfortable feeling.

No. 03
Gray Cast Iron/Pillar Type
With Great  volume  and  excellent  performance,  ultra  large  water  volume can
increase the heat diffuse efficiency. This classic and useful type is well received by
the customers and has been one of the biggest sales product  in the  market. With
Side Air Flow/Pillar-Wing Type 1 Radiators(300 type/500 type/600 type)Perfor-
mance Standards: GB

Gray Cast Iron/Pillar Type Radiators
With  the most  advanced  production  technology and exquisite casting art of the
world, this  type  of  radiator also has simple and fashionable out look.
It meets the good taste of foreign customers and it is accepted widely in the world
Export Products/ Cast Iron Radiators(565type/680type/576type/140type)
Performance Standards: GB

Gray Cast Iron/Pillar-Wing Type Radiators
It is the famous example of Pillar-Wing Type Radiators.It has the dignified outlook
and ultra heat diffuse amount. This  durable  product will be your warmest choice.
With  exquisite  casting and smooth painting on the surface,the production of this
type  product  combined  the reflection  and  air  flow heat diffuse ways which can
increase the heat effect.It is one of the most popular cast iron radiator type and has
brought a new heat era.

Pillar-Wing Type Radiators/Cast Iron Radiators
With the  excellent  performance  and  simple  shape, this  new  type of steel made
radiators  is  colourful, elegant and  exquisite. It  will  be your new heating radiator
choice and fashion decoration products.


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