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Beizhu Company Profile

Beizhu Radiators Co., Ltd of Qingxu County, China(hereafter refer to Beizhu Radiators), 
founded in 1988, insists on that technology prospers  enterprise on the base of credit.
Depending on the resource supremacy of coal, coke and iron in Shanxi province, Beizhu
Cast Iron Radiators has been making technology  innovations, now becoming  one of 
the largest 
production  and  export  bases  of  the  radiators  around China integrating 
research, casting, production  and sales.Beizhu Cast Iron Radiators engages  
in the production 
and export base of the radiators around China integrating technology 
production and sales. 

Cast Iron Radiators

Factory advantages:
1.Over 30 years experienced on cast iron radiators produce and research.
2.With excellent R&D team, Beizhu has more than 80 patent products.
3.With Advanced machines and equipment, Beizhu can provide good product and service.
4.Beizhu has past the certificate of ISO9001:2000 International Quality System in 2002.
5.Beizhu Radiators have met the good taste of foreign customers.
6.Beizhu has 32 agencies in China and 2 agencies in Russia and Kazakhstan.

Beizhu cast iron radiators' advantages:

1.Radiator Material:
Beizhu cast iron radiators use the high quality bread iron and Inner Mongolian silver sand as

2.Radiator Performance:
Beizhu cast iron radiators pass 3 times polish and it has bigger thermal output.

3.Radiator Test:
Beizhu cast iron radiators pass 4 times pressure test by both machine and manual work which
is suitable for all kinds of heating system in high and super-high buildings.

4.Service Time:
Beizhu radiators have over 50 years of service life and 10 years of Guarantee period.

  BEIZHU FACTORY VIDEO: https://youtu.be/f4thHdmUcWk
cast iron radiator
Cast Iron Radiators
In the past 25 years, Beizhu Radiators has been dedicating itself to the research
of new  technology  and  products  of  cast  iron radiators, development of self-owned 
intellectual property rights and gained several national patents.

In 2008, Beizhu  successfully developed  large  scale  automatic  sand core production 
equipment,promoting the 3rd generation High malleable cast  iron radiators Without 
Inside,filling the void of domestic high class cast iron radiator products, having totally 
changed  the  image  of  traditional cast iron radiators  in people’s mind.The product 
has been 
confirmed by the National Radiators Testing  Centre  that  all the performance 
completely meet the Safe Use Standards of Ministry of Construction of P.R.China 
and it 
is the best cast iron radiators to the high class energy saving heating,becoming
the new 
products promoted by National Ministry of Construction.

In order to realize the cast iron radiator without sands inside,Beizhu radiators invested a
lot of manpower and material resources to the research and repetitions test,finally
successfully made the first large scale automatic sand core production equipment ,totally 
changed the history of man-made sand core.It promoted the cast iron radiators to the
new era of no sands,and brought a new world to the cast iron radiator.

Beizhu also can supply you retro cast iron radiators and Antique cast iron radiators.  
cast iron radiators

Compared to the 1st generation cast iron radiators with sand core and the 2nd generation
Man-made cast iron radiators with Furan Resins sand core,the radiators without sands
inside produced by the third generation sand core production equipment made a great 
progress in the aspects of technical characteristic process,heating efficiency and energy 
saving.The 3rd generation products’ reputation comes naturally from real distinction.
Antique cast Iron Radiators
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