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Traditional cast iron radiator Product Data Interpretation

时间:2016-04-23 15:36来源:未知 作者:Anna Wang
Product Data Interpretation


Classical flower series cast iron radiators of Beizhu Group, with the advantages of the artistic value and the exquisite workmanship process, have the aristocratic temperance.
1.    Manufactured by hand
Classical flower cast iron radiators series are made by professional workers' hand and will be carefully polished by workers. Beizhu cast iron radiator can give you the best experience of art.
2.    Cast iron radiator's size is larger
Because cast iron radiator's size is larger, the width is wider and the thickness is thicker, the storage capacity of water is stronger, thus the cast iron radiator can send out more heat than normal radiators.
3.    There is no sand inside.
Cast iron radiator is polished four times and advanced producing technology has made Beizhu cast iron radiator inside no sand, no trachoma which extends the service life.
4.    Decorative
Classical flower cast iron radiators series are greatly decorative. The decorative pattern is painted by artificial worker which is different from the traditional radiator style. They are mainly used to deluxe places:  houses chamber, villas and so on.
5.    Thermostat valve
Thermostat valve can control the flow of water to adjust the indoor temperature and
 Makes people feel comfortable.
6.    Classical flower cast iron radiators with foot
In order to us
e is safety and convenient, we specialize in the production of classical flower cast iron radaitors with foot. Our design makes the cast iron radiator looks more beautiful and safety.

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