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Some Question You Maybe Meet When Buy Cast Iron Radiator

时间:2014-12-24 15:57来源:自创 作者:Bavel zhang
  1. The central heating users unfavorable use pure aluminium radiators, die-casting aluminum radiator, aluminum radiator,
aluminum afraid of caustic soda, and to protect the steel heating boiler, heat exchanger station, pipeline, such as the PH
value to 10 ~ 12, is alkaline.
2. Low temperature heating user, the water temperature does not exceed 85 degrees: hand
on heating can stand for 2 seconds, the temperature is below 85 degrees. Unfavorable use composite radiator, such as:
copper and aluminum composite radiator, rao steel aluminum composite radiator, steel radiator, copper aluminum spare
radiator, because composite radiator is by air convection heating more interior space, the water temperature is too low,
slow air convection, heat dissipation effect will be fade, every 10 degrees below the water temperature, cooling effect is
reduced by 40%, a heating touch was very hot, but always not indoor thermal conditions.
3. The single household heating
users, coal stove, electric stove, gas furnace, unfavorable use thick tube radiator, thick tube radiator water capacity big,
slow reaction, will be a waste of energy.
Choose the radiator material Radiator material:
cast iron,
aluminum composite,
low carbon steel,
aluminum alloy,
steel aluminum composite,
pure copper,

total is the 6 kinds of material.
And then to look at, different material radiator advantages and disadvantages.
Cast iron: corrosion resistance, low cost; Ugly, heavy, covering;
Copper and aluminum composite radiator, corrosion resistance, the style is novel and attractive, light, heat faster; The price
is higher,low hardness;
Low carbon steel, beautiful and easy, affordable and reservoir capacity, heat preservation performance is good, compression;
Susceptible to oxidation corrosion;
Aluminum radiator, aluminum radiator with high pressure and tensile aluminum alloy welding two main, their common characteristic
is that the price is cheap, good thermal conductivity, heat faster; But their afraid of alkaline water corrosion and oxidation;
Steel aluminum composite: the style is beautiful, good heat dissipation, corrosion resistance; Heat loss is bigger.
Pure copper radiator: the superior performance of thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance ability; High cost, less style,
manufacturers are rare.