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The Factors Affect the Price of Radiators(2)

时间:2014-05-14 14:19来源:未知 作者:Jane Zhang
  Market circumstances: The impact of external market environment on the radiator prices is enormous,
such as affected by time and region, upstream price adjustment and so on. Generally speaking, in a good
economic situation, when the market demand is large, the price of radiator goes up, on the contrary goes
down. In recent years, as the change of consumers' concept of consumption, radiator prices goes up,
showing a rising trend year by year.

Size of the premises:  When radiators installed, heating designers usually tend to visit the door and make
spot check, measure, and then design a suitable heating scheme according to the model characteristics,
user preferences, in which the material, quantity and location of radiators will show the detailed instructions.
Doing this is because of factors such as the area of the building, orientation, heat preservation effect determine
the installation of radiators. The larger the area of the building, the worse the heat preservation,  the more heat
have to be added, the more the number of radiator installation, therefore, the total price of radiators also will
be more expensive.

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