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The Factors Affect the Price of Radiators(1)

时间:2014-05-12 10:09来源:未知 作者:Jane Zhang
  As a necessary household heating supplies, radiator can make efficient and comfortable heating
impact, with beautiful and elegant appearance, simple  and convenient installation, it is the vast
majority of the user's family heating equipment. In nowadays market there variety of radiators
at different prices, making the originally complex market environment somewhat unpredictable.
Then how the price of radiators forms? Let us together to analyze the influence factors of radiator price.

Production material: At present there are a lot of materials to make radiators of, such as iron,
aluminum, steel, copper and composite metal and so on. Depending on the different cost of each
material, the prices of produced radiators are different from each other. The better material and
radiator, the high the price will be.

Producing technology: This is a key factor. We will find in the market that radiators made of same
material, some with beautiful shape, good quality, while some with general modelling, rough surface,
scratched, concave hole, weld mark spots were common, naturally the former price is higher, the
latter  price is lower, this is caused by the different producing technology.

Product brand: Brand has a very big impact on the price of the radiator, now in the market we can
find many radiator brands, among which there are  imported brands and domestic brands, generally
the price of import brand is higher than domestic brand of radiators. Also as part of domestic brands,
because of the different brand influences, the prices will be in a wide range. Beizhu radiator is one of
the will-known current domestic manufacturer.

To be continued……

Author: Jane Zhang
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