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The 3rd Generation Cast Iron Radiators/Technical Highlights

时间:2014-05-07 14:33来源:未知 作者:chinabeizhu
  Mechanical Manufacturing Core & No sands inside
The cores of Beizhu the 3rd Generation Cast Iron Radiators are made by Automatic Core
Shooters. The Automatic Core Shooter mix the phenol-formaldehyde resin and 140-70
mesh number drying white sands evenly, then the high tension shooting mouth of Automatic
Core Shooter shoot the mixture to the core model at the speed of 20 m/s. Then it will be
shaped by stereo heating, and the shaped core with smooth both inside face can stand the
tension of 25kg/cm2. There is no residual iron on the core, realizing real core without sands.
Man Made Sand Core Production Principals:
Firstly, mix the Furan resin and 50-100 mesh number drying white sands evenly; Secondly,
put the mixture of Furan resin into two model halves, then press them solid with rolling instru-
ments, then make the two halves models to be one whole unit, and put the whole model to
the tunnel kiln to fire it to shape;
We can see from the comparison of the two types production procession and equipments.
The strength, toughness and convex face of phenol-formaldehyde resin sand core made by
Automatic Core Shooters are much more excellent than the man-made sand core.
Technology Innovation & Substantially Increase Heating Efficiency
The sand core made by the Automatic Core Shooters has high mesh size and huge overall
strength with smooth face and convex face will be more even. The sands inside the radiator
core has good collapsibility and can be cleaned totally, realizing core without sands, thickness
of radiator tube wall more even, inside face of core more smooth. It is a breakthrough revolu-
tion in the cast iron radiator industry depending on the most advanced technology in domestic
industry. In front of the same heat medium, compared to the one man-made, the heat medium
fluid in the sand core made by automatic core shooter meet less resistance and has faster fluid
speed and more heat extraction.
Energy Saving & Modern Heating
The material of the 3rd Generation Cast Iron Radiators are mixed with rare earth and manganese
alloy which can increase its mechanical properties. It is different from the traditional cast iron, it has
more excellent strength and tenacity. The working pressure of radiator can reach 1Mpa which is
much higher than it of the traditional cast iron radiators 0.8Mpa, and it can meet the heating needs
of high rises and ultra high rises. The inner face and outside face of malleable iron radiators are smooth
and can resist compression, and it has better tensile strength. The tube wall is 0.15mm thicker than
the traditional cast iron radiators, but its pressure increases 0.2Mpa. So its thermal output has faster
speed and higher efficiency, the new radiators are high efficient, energy saving and environment friendly. 

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