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Cast iron radiator heating radiators factory in UK

时间:2017-05-08 11:37来源:未知 作者:Lalisa
Anything development have a law,and that is from simple to complex,from single to diversity,from the ordinary 
to amazing.Development of heating radiators as well.
Development of heating radiators from the initial simple style to the product diversification, the heating radiat
 of science and technology have a huge change.
According to the market requirements,heating radiators has gradually evolved a new product,that is European
retro heating radiators.
European retroheating radiators as the best of the current heating radiators,has been welcomed by the market.
While positioning in high,expensive,the retro heating radiators have be loved by people.
Motif has a lot of advantages,first of all,it is  beautiful style and pattern beautifully.It can be placed at home as a
work of art.
Secondly,it have advantages with heat dissipation,long life,steady heat,quiet,which can give people comfort.
Motif is mainly seen as artwork radiator.
Because of the Motif have many advantages,so making retro heating radiators is very diffcult.The main difficulty
in the casting process has two points,first,retor heating radiators have clear pattern.Second,the retro heating ra
 thickness is overall and it inside is  flat and smooth.
Beizhu Group was established in 1988,have the history of making heating radiators around 30 years,the Beizhu
Group has become the one of the large heating radiators production enterprise with development,production,sale
and export in China.
At present,as the largest room radiator manufacturer in China,Beizhu Group group have overcomed the difficulties,
and produced the highest standard retro heating radiators.
Beizhu Group provide design and OEM production.
Beizhu Group can produce any cast iron radiator according to the customer requirements.
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