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Purchase Radiators? Select Beizhu!

时间:2016-07-04 15:32来源:未知 作者:Jane Zhang
  All the Beizhu cast iron radiators manufactured from our factory are out of meticulous creation and
devoted design by multiple designers , and only after trial and error testing will be put into market. No
matter your household decorates style is continental, Italian, American, rural amorous feelings, classical
or Modern & Minimalism, as long as you select purchasing our radiators, they will be fused together as
one combined, whether from the rich variety of color, or from the model of perfect radian. Each designer
has been manufactured to the highest of standards to ensure of more than 50 years of use
without worrying about the quality problems after sales.

According to their own aesthetic level, angle of hobbies and interests, household decorates style, customers
can choose suitable colors and styles. We can also produce radiators according to customer special
requirements (on the premise of quantitative considerable, design graphics and color need to be provided
by the customers ).

Our Beizhu company is the only one large cast iron radiator manufacture that can fuse high value and
accessibility of cast and perfect fashion appearance of steel and aluminum into one together, which owned
26 years of independent innovation production experience. The product sells in distant markets including
many domestic and overseas cities and countries, almost in all of the city in north China we have brand agents.

Author: Jane Zhang
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