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BEIZHU Cast Iron Radiators

时间:2014-05-10 20:13来源:未知 作者:Jane Zhang
  All the cast iron radiators available from BEIZHU are made from high quality materials and manufactured
to European standards, this coupled with the fact each radiator style has been available in the UK for over
10 years,which should give some comfort and confidence in the product being purchased.
Each BEIZHU cast iron radiator can be assembled to meet your accurate needs, so whether you opt for
a tall and slim hallway model or decide on a short, squat window seat, you can rely on our 26 yrs experience
and high level of service to discuss your requirements and then to provide you with exactly what you are
looking for.
From a restoration project to a new build, BEIZHU will work with you to supply the perfect cast iron radiator
for your particular application and, with a wide variety of radiator styles and sizes to select from, you can be
sure that whichever style of radiator you purchase it will be delivered on time and be exactly as you expect
it to be.

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