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The benefits of cast iron radiators

时间:2018-03-26 15:12来源:未知 作者:Ruth
The benefits of cast iron radiators
Thermal inertia is better, corrosion resistance, safety, reliability, long life,
long-time heat storage, corrosion rate slower than low carbon steel radiators, aluminum radiators, radiator radiators.
Because its corrosion is needle corrosion, it does not block corrosion, so the rust is not easily detached from the body.
Oxygen cannot infiltrate the inner body and cause deep corrosion, so the service life is about 25 to 30 years.
In addition, cast iron radiators are the most inexpensive of all types of radiators and are very economical.
Due to the material's reasons, its aesthetic appearance is relatively backward, and it cannot be combined with
modern architecture and decoration. Therefore, many fashion families have already disjoined cast iron radiators.
In addition, the cast iron radiator's internal cavity is very easy to damage its temperature control device,
the production of energy consumption is relatively high, energy saving can not be compared with new products.
But the North Cast Radiator has changed this old-fashioned cast iron product. The style is very new. Praise
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