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How to use the temperature adjustment valve in the radiator?

时间:2018-03-26 14:46来源:未知 作者:Ruth
How to use the  temperature adjustment valve  in the radiator?
Recommended Answer: The temperature control valve is used to adjust the heating temperature.
The number 1 above indicates the minimum and the number 5 indicates the maximum.
There are also thermostats that are not numbered. They may be icons, such as the sun and snowflakes, and some are not marked.
There are signs that residents can rotate according to the signs, the sun is the largest, and the snow is off.
For thermostats without any indication, under normal circumstances, clockwise rotation is off.
Reasonable use of home temperature control valve, the main function is to save energy and avoid wasting energy.
The temperature control valve is very sensitive. Turn the clockwise “S” direction to turn off the small amount of water.
Conversely, going “O” to rotate counterclockwise is to enlarge the water intake.
If it is a household heating household, the biggest advantage of household heating is that the temperature can be adjusted at any time
as needed. For example, a working family can go out in the cold during the day, go home after work and adjust the temperature,
saving energy and money. However, if you are not at home for a long time, it is best to open in anti-freezing gear, do not completely
shut down the gas stove in order to save electricity, otherwise it is easy to freeze the stove, not worth the candle.
During the winter evening, the temperature in the room should not be too high. Generally it is appropriate to use 16°C-18°C,
so that people feel more comfortable. For rooms and kitchens, toilets, etc., where people can not stay for a long time, the temperature is set to about 8°C,
and the room heating system and the upper and lower water systems can be protected against freezing.
If you install an automatic temperature control valve, do not adjust the temperature control valve in time. He will automatically adjust the room temperature.
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