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时间:2017-11-18 14:46来源:未知 作者:Ruth
China radiator manufacturer:Company Beizhu 
Beizhu radiator manufacturer is the leading china supplier of cast iron radiators.
High quality guaranteed, reasonable cheap price,good after-sale service,is your best choice!
Beizhu Radiator Co.,Ltd is making and selling hot water cast iron radiator since 1988,
which is one of top 3 cast iron radiators manufacturers in China.Beizhu brand is very 
famous among the customers.  
Over the past years, Beizhu  has  exported  very  high- quality radiators to different countries,
such as:Russia,Ukraine,Kazakhstan,Algeria,UK,USA  and so on. As a top company in 
the field of cast iron radiators, BEIZHU regards the  quality and service as the lift of the 
Beizhu Radiator Co.,Ltd totally has 3 factories,which is located in City Taiyuan,very near 
to Beijing.And in this city also has airport,very convenient for customers to visit the three 
factories:two casting factories and one big painting factory.
China  radiator  factory  Beizhu  introduced  the  technology, management from Europe 
and it is one of the largest production bases of cast iron radiator for export in the world.
The annual capacity of the Beizhu Radiator Co.,Ltd was more than 1,8000,000 pieases 
cast iron radiators. 
If you want  to  find China radiator manufacturer,please feel free to contact  Ruth

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