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How to Heat With Cast Iron Radiators ?

时间:2017-08-08 15:49来源:未知 作者:Kevin
Cast iron radiators used to be the most common way to heat a house. Many older homes still use radiators as a major heat source, and it's easy to understand why. Modern baseboard heating systems emit a dry, inconsistent heat, while radiators powered by steam emit a constant, moist heat. In addition to their heating attributes, many radiators are perfect examples of Victorian style. Although they are utilitarian, they can be extremely ornate. With many styles of cast iron radiators to choose from, you're bound to find more than one to suit your taste.
Purchase a cast iron radiator based on the type of heat system you already have. One-pipe steam radiators tend to be older, and they work off a steam boiler, while two-pipe radiators date from the early 1900s and later and work off a hot-water boiler.
Consult a plumber to determine what size radiator is best, based on the BTUs needed to efficiently heat a room. Have the same plumber install your radiators. A plumber also will help you determine how many radiators of a certain size will be most efficient for the space you need to heat.
Enjoy the art of cast iron radiators, and take time searching for the right style for your space. There are so many styles, sizes and shapes to choose from that you could have a different radiator in each room to coordinate with that room's décor. Remember, you can refinish an old radiator and even paint it to match the space.
Buy from a reputable dealer or salvage yard. If the dealer doesn't perform pressure tests to check for leaks, make sure they agree to replace any cracked radiators.