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Reproduction or reclaimed cast iron? Which is best?

时间:2017-07-05 16:34来源:未知 作者:kevin
Each type whether reproduction or reclaimed offer different benefits, and which one is best will depend on your circumstances. Below is a summary of the differences:
Reproduction Radiators:
There are now some superb reproduction cast iron radiators available which are made the same way as their predecessors and often have used an original model as a template. Some of the advantages that our reproduction radiators have over their reclaimed counter-parts are set out below.
Reproduction cast iron Radiators come with a manufacturer’s guarantee.
The radiators arrive on site ready to plumb in; and will not need treating to get then in to a useable state.
Available in primer (for on-site painting or in a painted finish where there is a wide selection of colours to choose from).
Built to order so you can specify the right size radiator for your room. Obtaining matching radiators in the correct sizes for use throughout the house is also a lot easier so it is not necessary to commit to doing a whole heating system in one go.
Reclaimed Radiators:
We do not sell reclaimed cast iron radiators, but below are some of the advantages of going down this route:
These can be picked up at fairly low cost from salvage yards and ebay, but be aware of the possibility of extra costs (time and money) involved in renovating and transporting.
They also can be found in interesting designs.
They may well have a history (but it’s worth checking the recent history in particular, make sure reclaimed radiators have come off a working system and be sure they’ve been stored indoors to avoid frost damage); they do not come with a manufacturer’s guarantee.
A word of warning though – It is important not to powder coat cast iron radiators, reclaimed or reproduction, as the process of ‘baking’ them in high temperature ovens damage the gaskets between the radiator sections.

Kevin,29th June 2017