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Beizhu iron radiator is very popular in ISH Exhibition in 2017

时间:2017-06-10 11:56来源:未知 作者:nancy
  From May 18, 2017 - May 20, 2017, once a year for a period of 3 days of Beijing ISH HVAC exhibition slowly
came to an end. Beizhu iron cast radiator with innovative brand, perfect customer service and excellent quality,
is very popular in the exhibition and won the majority of the people of consumer recognition.

iron cast radiator 
Beizhu radiator not only broke the previous turnover, but also attracted many customers come to the
consultation,reach the regional agency and hope the long-term cooperation and development intention.
Beizhu iron cast raditaor has 30 years’ experience and innovates new products and new technology. It has
become a well-known brands.

iron cast radiator 
iron cast radiator
iron cast radiator
30 years’ warranty
Beizhu provides high quality fully impressed by many customers. 30 years of after-sale warranty and 
customer's responsibility, Beizhu has been highly praised and recognized.
Perfect aftersales service
Beizhu iron cast radiator has a professional service team and customer service, the insured property
insurance, the insured amount of 10 million of the first payment. If has water leakage, first to compensate,
then to return.
Beizhu iron cast radiator is ready to serve you all the time.
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