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the difference between section and column of cast hot water heating radiator

时间:2017-05-08 10:45来源:未知 作者:Sherry
  Some customers don’t understand the difference between a section and a column.
It is critical when specifying your cast hot water heater radiator.
Frankly speaking, a section of a hot water heater radiator refers to each individual
casted piece that, when fixed together, make up a radiator.
A hot water heater radiator column refers to the number of vertical columns within
each section. Thus there may 9 columns for each section. If 10 sections of a set,
there will be 90 columns for your hot water heater radiator. The more of columns
and sections, the heat output is bigger. The house will be warmer.

After working out how much heat you need in your room, you can then specify how
many sections of these you require to make your hot water heater radiator by dividing
the heat requirement by the heat output of an individual column which is detailed on
all of our product listings. We are often asked about building the radiator - don't worry
about this we have over 30 years experience in assembling cast Iron radiators, just tell
us how big you want your hot water heater radiator (how many secitons) and what
style (how many columns or which design) and we will do the rest.  
In general the more columns a hot water heater radiator has the higher the surface
area of the radiator and therefore the higher the heat output. But it is also subject to
taste and space as well as your home.

How do I work out how big my Cast Iron radiator needs to be?

The easiest way to work this out is to measure your room and input the dimensions
into our watts. Alternatively, if you would like us to work this out please forward your
room dimensions to us at and we will work it out for you.
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