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angled valves and straight valves for hot water heater radiator

时间:2017-05-06 11:39来源:未知 作者:Sherry
  If your hot water heater radiator has side valve connections it will require angled valves where conventional
pipe work is used (in this scenario you will need to allow a further 150mm to the width of the hot water heater
 to accommodate the valves). If your radiator has underside valve connections it will require straight
valves where the pipe work comes up from the floor; and angled valves where the pipe work comes out of the
wall. All of our hot water heater radiator have side valve connections (so need angled valves) and most of
our towel rails have underside connections. If in doubt, please ask. 

You will need one pair of valves for each central heating hot water heater radiator (electric hot water heater
 don't need valves).  We sell valves in pairs - one valve is the temperature control, the other is called
a lockshield valve and is used to help "balance" the system. 
You will need to decide whether to order manual or thermostatic valves, and whether you need straight or angled
valves. See above for an explanation, but if in doubt, please call us for help.

Our central hot water heater radiator have standard fittings so any standard valves can be used with them,
including those from plumber's merchants or DIY stores (but be aware that these can be ugly and obtrusive
tending to detract from overall look of the radiator).  The devil's in the detail, so we have put together a collection
of good quality stylish valves designed to complement your radiator - see our valves section. We are happy to
recommend the best valves for your hot water heater radiator.

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