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Factors for choosing hot water heater radiators

时间:2017-05-03 19:11来源:未知 作者:Sherry
  Many factors will affect you choosing the right hot water heater radiator for your project, specific to your situation.
The listed below are most important key areas to consider. Further details of each hot water heater radiator area
can be found within later news, but please feel free to call our sales team who are here to help.+86-13403439662

1. Heat output- what output is needed for your space and how many radiators do you need to achieve this. 
10 pcs of Rococo will be ok for a 20m2 room.
2. Style of hot water heater radiator - contemporary, classis or traditional. Beizhu hot water heater radiator 
  supply different sections for customers. Please apply for catalog from us. Many surprises will be found.
3. Finish of hot water heater radiator - white, colours, stainless steel, chrome, or primer for on site painting (cast iron only). 
4. Radiator fuel type - electric, central heating or dual fuel.
5. Dimensions of hot water heater radiator - any limitations due to available wall space?
6. Availability - how quickly do you need the hot water heater radiator?
All of our cast hot water heater radiator carries a 10 year warranty. 

Many of our hot water heater radiator are available in variety of colours and finishes.  Each price list specifies which
finishes are available for the relevant model. Hot water heater radiator are also available in primer for on site painting. 
We strongly advise against powder coating hot water heater radiator, as the process can damage the seals between
radiator sections and will invalidate the manufacturer's guarantee.We are happy to send out colour swatches. 

More details for hot water heater radiator, please contact us:
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