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         Installation Notice

        1.The radiator must be installed by professional staffs according to the instruction hand book.

        2.Please measure the exact position and size,inspect the gadget before installation.Contact with
           the resellers or company if there is any problem.

        3.Lead oil should be evenly smeared at screw thread area when protection joint,blocking bolt
           and air expelling bolt are installed,then a little twine should be coiled along screw thread.
           Finally they will be fastened by hand.Make sure that screw thread has been met.Then tighten
           the screws of the protection joint,block bolt and air expelling bolt.

        4.The hook place should be fixed exactly and the hook is fasten with expanding bolt for firm hang.

        5.Adjust and fix the bottom hooks at first, then put the radiator and fix the top hooks.

        6.Inspect the axes distance between screw thread and connecting pipe.

        7.In order to ensure the radiator operate normally,we suggest that the valve should be installed
           on the entering and exiting position.

        8.After completing the installation,please,pressure of the whole system and ensure them don’t
          have any leakage.

           Direction for use

         1.If don’t use radiators,please keep full water inside radiators.

         2.On the initial stages of heating,there will be some whistling or hissing sound because of the
            shortage system pressure and flow rate.It will disappear after the water pipe is full.You also
            can adjust the exiting valve to reduce the water flow,then the sound will disappear.

         3.During the heating period,there will be some air in the water pipe,you should expelled in time.
            Unscrew the air inside knob with hand or tools to eject unwanted air inside radiator. It is time
            to screw the knob when water begins to flow out of radiators.

         4.Please use clean and soft cloth-brush to clean the surface of radiator.Don’t use liquid or solvent
            containing caustic ingredient to clean radiators surface.

         5.Keep hard and sharp stuff away from radiator lest damaged and don’t disassemble it optionally.